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Eyekon is a premium luxury eyewear boutique in Kochi showcasing the best of world-class brands in eyewear. At Eyekon you don’t just buy eyewear, but you also receive eye-care supported by techniques and technology that are best in the industry. The boutique has an inviting ambiance which makes it distinct from any other eye clinic and eyewear showroom in the city. From the moment the customers step into the boutique, they receive personalized attention so they walk out with an enhanced vision and a happy smile.


The Eye Clinic at Eyekon has types of equipment that are state-of-the-art and eye-care practices that are aligned with the world’s best. We follow procedures that comply with the guidelines of the American Optometric Association. The customer’s experience includes a thorough clinical examination, a demo of the lenses and assisted selection of frames.
The products offered at Eyekon include frames, sunglasses, lenses and contact lenses of the world’s best range and quality.


Kurians, who have launched Eyekon, are one of Kerala’s first opticians. Their first outlet was established in 1920 at Broadway, Ernakulam. Today this group has the largest chain of optical retail outlets with more than 20 outlets across central Kerala.

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