Contact Lenses

Get glasses outta the way!

When it comes to vision correction, there is nothing better than contacts. Contact lenses give you clear all-round vision. What’s more, your hands are free. You needn’t take away your glasses and then keep them right back on your nose for any and every reason.

With contact lens, you get a full field of vision. You get a sharp vision – direct or peripheral – sans reflections and distortions, so you needn’t turn your head all of 90 degrees to see what’s next to you. It’s like you are not wearing glasses at all. What’s more, drinking a hot cup of tea will not fog up your glasses.

And now the question, how to choose your contacts? There are soft lenses and hard lenses. There are disposables, daily-wear, and extended-wear contact lenses. Then there are multifocal contact lenses and lenses that change your eye color. And then there are theatrical or cosmetic lenses. Whether your need is clinical or cosmetic, the choice of the lens should be made with utter care and caution, preferably with expert advice.

Just walk into our boutique, and let our experts help you make your choice.