Frequently Asked Questions

Clean and clear lenses will ensure you have unrestricted vision.
Clean your glasses with plain water and then dry it with a clean cotton cloth.
Avoid cleaning or drying lenses with paper towels or paper products.

Yearly vision checkup will help keep your eyes healthy.
Change your nose pads (if any) every 6 months.
Go for an alignment checkup every 6 months.
Get your eyes checked by a professional eye-care practitioner only. Please do not try to do alignment checkup on your own.
Frames loosen up over time from regular wear. Get your glasses tuned up and adjusted whenever necessary.

Impact resistant (polycarbonate) lenses are ideal for children.

Eyewear should be stored in a hard case when not being worn.
Do not store eyewear in places having extreme temperatures (e.g., dashboard of cars, kitchen, close to chemicals, etc.). Prolonged exposure to severe temperatures can compromise the shape and material of your glasses.

Clean your hands thoroughly before wearing contact lens.
Take extra care to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly if anyone close to you has any kind of eye infection (conjunctivitis, etc.).
If there is any persisting irritation while wearing contact lens, please remove the contact lens first and then visit your nearby Kurians Opticals store for a thorough check up and expert advice.

Never sleep with your contact lenses on unless your eye-care practitioner specifically instructs you to do so.
Do not swim while wearing contact lenses unless you are wearing tight-fitting swimming goggles.

Smoking makes you more likely to get cataracts, optic nerve damage, and macular degeneration.
Always take time to remove your eye makeup before going to bed.
Blink your eyes every 20 seconds to maintain your tears and prevent dry eyes.
Be sure to wear goggles or other protective eyewear when working with chemicals or power tools, or in any place with harmful airborne particulates.

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