Wear your expression!

Granted eyeglasses are worn to enhance your vision. But who wants to hide behind a pair of glasses? Your eyeglasses should enhance your personality and appearance. There are a few basic factors you need to consider while choosing a frame for your glasses.

Your eyeglass frames should match with your face size and shape, not to mention your personality. A walnut-shaped frame goes well with an oval face, a narrow frame with a square face, a cat-eye with a heart-shaped face and a rectangular frame with a round face. And then there are the oblong faces, diamond-shaped faces, etc. etc..

And then we come to the colour for the frame. The colour of your frame, while it matches with your complexion and eye colour, it should be a reflection of your personality too.

From cool to classic and elegant to funky, we have a wide variety of eyeglasses to make you look and feel better!